The economy is crashing, manufacturing jobs are leaving the state at a record pace... 

Needless to say, the summer of 2009 was not an ideal time to start a small business, let alone a light industrial staffing company.  

Steve Bronzovich, however, did just that, and S&A Solutions Inc. was born out of his Warren, MI home.  From the beginning, S&A was going to be a company that succeeded through hard work, determination, and a philosophy of doing whatever it takes to deliver for the customer.  Combine that with a true passion for recruiting, and there was a recipe for success.  

With each position filled, S&A began gaining the trust of customers, and success came quickly despite limited resources and a very competitive market place.  In 2011, Steve was designated an "Entrepreneur of Distinction"  by Corp! Business Magazine.  Since then the company has continued evolve and grow.

In January of 2013, Steve was joined by a former colleague, Dave Kruszyna, Director of Sales.  Their careers in the staffing industry started together back in 2000,  and it was a great opportunity to come together again and continue to build on the success of S&A Solutions.  

With a strong team in place that is operating with the same principles of hard work and determination that Steve instilled in S&A from the very beginning, the company is looking forward to continued success.