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A Recruiting Company Driven to Deliver...

it's not just a catchy tagline for us. We operate with a high sense of urgency and are driven to deliver for our customers every time an opportunity is given. Bottom line: Nothing replaces good old-fashioned hard work, and our team is committed to doing what it takes to get the job done.

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S&A Solutions specializes in the recruitment of Skilled Trade, Light Industrial, Technical and Professional employees.

S&A was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Sterling Heights, MI. We've partnered with organizations representing a variety of manufacturing sectors.

S&A Solutions leadership team has over 40 combined years of recruiting and staffing manufacturing employees, and we take pride in the team’s overall industry knowledge. S&A Solutions' belief is that S&A's narrow focus and in-depth understanding of each individual manufacturing sector we service has been critical to our success.


The economy is crashing, manufacturing jobs are leaving the state at a record pace...

Needless to say, the Spring of 2009 was not an ideal time to start a small business, let alone a staffing company.

Steve Bronzovich, however, did just that, and S&A Solutions Inc. was born out of his Warren, MI home. From the beginning, S&A was going to be a company that succeeded through hard work, determination, and a philosophy of doing whatever it takes to deliver for the customer. Combine that with a true passion for recruiting, and there was a recipe for success.

With each position filled, S&A began gaining the trust of their customers, and success came quickly despite limited resources and a very competitive market place. In 2011, Steve was designated an "Entrepreneur of Distinction" by Corp! Business Magazine. Since then the company has continued evolve and grow.

With a strong team in place that is operating with the same principles of hard work and determination that Steve instilled in S&A Solutions from the very beginning, the company is looking forward to continued success.

Industrial Engineer
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